Catching up with Austyn Gillette

April 12, 2021 1 min read

Catching up with Austyn Gillette

It’s been almost a year since we last checked in with Austyn Gillette.

A lot can change in 11 months. Then again, a lot hasn’t.

Although vaccines are now readily available, Covid-19 is still running riot.


Cheap Perfume finally blessed our digital screens, yet Jake and Austyn still have no official shoe sponsor; although that might be changing sooner than you think…

Yet despite entering a new decade, the modern world is still royally fucked.

On a more positive note however, FORMER is still going strong. And with the latest collection gracing our beloved Boutique, there’s no better promotion than an exclusive interview.

But with Dane on Daddy duties, Craig seemingly unreachable, and Jake having spoke to us just recently, the onus falls once more on Monsieur Gillette.

And to be honest we’re delighted. Since there are rarely people so openly honest and care free as Austyn is. And despite juggling a multitude of daily chores, he’s always willing to give us the time of day, without ever making it feel like a chore.

Read the full interview here, shop the latest FORMER collection here.

Interview by Robin Pailler | Photography by Dakota Mullins

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