The theoretical moment where all judgments about the existence of the external world, and consequently all action in the world, is suspended.

Epøkhe sunglasses is an Australian eyewear brand that was founded in 2012 by Filmmaker Kai Neville & professional surfers Dion Agius & Mitch Coleborn.

The shooting of Kai’s 2010 film ‘Modern Collective’ gave birth to a brand offering unparalleled style with handcrafted sunglasses frames made from the finest sustainable materials. A focus on quality, design and ethical production methods have set a solid foundation for the Epøkhe brand.

Answering only to each other EPØKHE was established with no investors, just drained bank accounts into big ideas. The team's relentless creativity keeps the Epøkhe world spinning through the seasons to provide a platform for their surfing, eyewear design, art & film.

Epøkhe sunglasses are availablevia Wasted Talent.

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