Wasted Talent | Globe - A marriage led by minimalism

August 20, 2019 2 min read

Wasted Talent Globe The dover high boots top skate shoe for skateboarding and casual


Introducing our new capsule : Wasted Talent | Globe


Wasted Talent and Globe new collection featuring the dover a skate shoe and accessories like socks, long sleeve tees and a black and white beanie

 It was over few drinks with our good friends at Globe in London or Paris, but it could have been Barcelona or Madrid, we discussed how we yearned for a skate shoe. A shoe that could be worn effortlessly from the early morning surf checks all the way through to when the sun dips and the evening lights begin to twinkle as we dance to the beat of the metropolitan drum. Enter the conception of a Co-lab, a marriage led by minimalism.


Wasted Talent | Globe the dover shoes is a high top boot skate shoe in black leather 

Featuring our favourite Globe Skate Shoe; "the Dover" - a low slung boot constructed in horse-bit leather for durability and looking way much better when worn in. Taking you from beachside in Portugal to the pavements of London with unparalleled steeze. A modern take on the Chelsea boot. Coupled with a few choice accessories like long sleeve tee, socks or a cool beanie - we hope you’ll enjoy the variety of the European scene and the collection it has inspired as much as we do. 


Find the full capsule HERE 


Wasted Talent | Globe  -  Launch party in Soho.


Wasted Talent and Globe photo recap of the colab of the Dover skate Shoes


Judging by the state of the dance floor of the basement of a mexican restaurant in Soho in the early hours of this morning it's safe to say there are a few sore heads floating around Londond today.

Building a store is always a last minute affair. Writing event recaps whilst hungover is always a lesson in procrastination, so forgive me if we'll keep this mercifully short, however this one was a doozy.

A few late nights and early morning’s on the tools and we were ready to roll! In deep and dirty Soho we opened the doors and were overwhelmed by the turnout. Beers and Champagne were drunk with increasing ferocity, Dover shoes and Wasted Talent tees were sold and things got a little hazy. Yes we suffered numerous complaints from Westminster council. Yes our doorman’s arms were real. How we managed to corral everyone into the basement of a Mexican restaurant serving icy cold Margs we’re still not sure but wasn’t it a blast?!

We're open all week : 33 Great Windmill Street, London, W1


Won't be there ? No worries! Check the full collection HERE

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Words by Alexei Obolensky

Photos by Robin Pailler, Mia Rankin, Carles Medina.

wasted talent and globe col-lab featuring the dover a high boot skate shoe


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