On est Ensemble - Starring Cherif Fall

May 03, 2021 1 min read

On est Ensemble - Starring Cherif Fall

On est Ensemble. A new Wasted Talent short film, shoot on location in Dakar, Senegal, Starring Cherif Fall by Guillem Cruells. Supported by Billabong Europe.

We spent seven days in the sun and seven days in the dust filming Cherif. The waves are seemingly endless, the vibes high and the crowds light. The only downside is the urchins. And the dust. Both of which are quickly forgotten as the Teranga kicks in.

No piece on Senegal is worthy without a mention of Teranga–the vibes are hard to describe. Nothing is too much trouble, each heartfelt Merci is met by a “on est ensemble”–we are together.

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Directed by Guillem Cruells

Executive producer Alexei Obolensky

Still photography by Nil Puissant & Alexei Obolensky

Sound design and mix by Thom Pringle

Graphic direction and design by George Hatton

On est Ensemble - Wasted Talent

On est Ensemble - Wasted Talent

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