Catching up with Chippa Wilson

February 09, 2021 1 min read

Catching up with Chippa Wilson

Interview by Alexei Obolensky | Photography by Brinkley Davies & Josh Barrow

With all travel out of our immediate sphere all but closed off and the cold Covid winter of cold discontent ravishing our beloved European continent, our minds naturally wonder to down under.

The summer. The warmth. The completely unnecessary overuse of the word c*nt . The funny 2/3 pints known as schooners. Better surfers than cricketers. More honest anyway. However what we miss most is our old friends, and none more so than Chippa. From Tokyo, to NYC, to Portugal and beyond, we’ve had a whirlwind few years on the road with Mr Wilson and with the borders in and out of Aus looking firmly locked for the foreseeable we thought it was high time for a call with Chippa.

An update from your Captain if you will.

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