MIRALL Barcelona, available now via Wasted Talent

April 12, 2021 1 min read

MIRALL Barcelona, available now via Wasted Talent

Ain’t having friends in fashion the most glorious thing?

The parties. The champagne. The sparkling conversation. The creative nuance. Such fabrics!

Enter Mirall. Founded by two of Wasted Talent’s dear friends. Based and heavily inspired by a city that has captivated our hearts for a long time, Barcelona. The creative marriage between an architect and a fashion designer resulting in a clean aesthetic, an elegant approach to streetwear, inspired by modernism.

The origin of the brand’s name comes from the Catalan word meaning mirror; “Everything we create is a reflection of ourselves.”

And to celebrate Mirall’s arrival at Wasted Talent Boutique, we sat down with founders Cristina Del Peso and Carles Medina to gain a deeper insight into how it all began.

Read the full article here, and shop the collection here.

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