Wasted Talent x Haydenshapes

August 09, 2021 1 min read

wasted talent x hayden shapes surfboards

Because the best things in life just make sense.

There’s nothing quite like a new blade.

The anticipation. The under the arm feelz. The compliments from friends, served cold with a slight garnish of envy “That thing looks pretty fun”.

The shortlived fury of misplacing a tail pad by a milimetre. The first coat of wax. The 3 week flat spell that will invariably follow your surfboard purchase. All orgasmic experiences, every last one of them.

So understandably, when HS picked up the phone against the backdrop of a global pandemic and the ensuing surfboard shortage that followed, we were as they say, ‘stoked’. So much alignment! After a good old fashioned Swedish Smörgåsbord of ideas, we settled on a Muted Pink Cohort, and a murdered out black on black Untitled. Both featuring signature artwork from our summer collection.

Custom made in Mona Vale, Sydney, Australia, surfed and approved by Messiers Anderson, Craig and Agius, Dion, we hope our limited run of 24 will find suitable homes with the wider public.

And yes, they do look pretty fun. We hope you’ll agree.

Now available exclusively from Wasted Talent boutique.

Boards in-store, contact us HERE.

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