Afends was Born in 2006 in the small coastal town of Byron Bay Australia. With the culture of surfing and skateboarding to the punk and hardcore movement of 2006 the Afends ethos and style moulded into the look and feel of today.

Creating hemp and organic clothing collections for both mens and womens, now available in France, UK & Europe.

Formed of a global family of like-minded and creative individuals united by a shared passion, constantly evolving from range to range, adapting and inspiring future trends based on the Afends way of life.

The philosophy ‘Question Everything’ isn’t about educating the people it's about inspiring the people to educate themselves - don’t believe everything they see or hear in mainstream media and culture but to research and find the answers themselves.

Specialising in Hemp Boardshorts, find a wide range of mens elastic & fixed waist boardshorts at Wasted Talent Boutique.

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