DB Journey (before Douchebags) is a bags, backpacks and travel luggage company founded in 2012 by Swedish freeski legend Jon Olsson and Norwegian product designer Truls Brataas. Douchebags is now a globally recognised brand having won several prestigious awards for bag design, quality and functionality.

Based on its roots in the action sports community, DB Journey blend urban and active lifestyles to challenge the traditional approach of luggage and backpacks.

The DB Journey mission is to make better journeys through smarter travel gear. Their offering includes high quality backpacks, travel bags, roller bags, passport covers, laptop sleeves, wash bags and camera bags.

DB Journey available in Europe via Wasted Talent.

"We want people to be able to travel however they want, whilst bringing whatever they need. We develop travel gear for the long journeys as well as the short ones. For the passionate people who travel the world in search of adventure." - DB Journey

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