Wasted Talent Magazine Vol V & Wasted Talent Tote Bag

wasted talent

Wasted Talent Magazine Vol V & Wasted Talent Tote Bag

Wasted Talent V

Starring: Elijah Berle, Joe G, Sarah Meurle, Ozzie Wright, Edouard Depaz, Erik Ellington, Imogene Barron, Chippa Wilson, Jay Davies, Dion Agius, Brendon Gibbens, Evan Mock, Josie Prendergast, Adrien Toyon, Octavio Barrera, Allan Arma, Maxime Guignard, Ruby Haunt, Noah Lane & more.

Shot on location in: Los Angeles, Paris, Lebanon, Ireland, Guadeloupe, London, Hossegor, Rome, Bordeaux, The Azores, Oahu, Palm Springs, Amsterdam & Biarritz.

More via: https://www.wastedtalentmag.com/print

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