Wasted Talent Magazine Vol. IV & Wasted Talent Tote Bag

Is this it? 

Recently, we’ve become increasingly desperate at the state of affairs surrounding our immediate universe. And that’s ignoring the macro issues. Read: rise of the far right, Brexit, trade wars, old mate Trump etc. In many respects the surf and skate industry is in a similar spiral and it makes for depressing reading. Surfing served up the masses in a glorified swimming pool and digested under the guise of progression. Pay per view. Parking fees. Blink 182. Companies reporting +30% revenue increases then slashing grass root activations. Management without the faintest clue as to how the world out of their bubble of the last ‘Pro Junior’ in Shitsville actually looks. Or who or what their consumers actually look like. Or how to engage with them. Marketing execs aspiring to sell ‘globally’ to 21 year olds whilst nearing retirement age themselves. The WSL Marketing Manager can’t screw her fins in the right way round. Come on

And us? Are we ultimately any better? Any different?

We’re not even sure. In all honesty, we don’t think so. We bite the hand that feeds, then soil the carpet. But one thing we’ll swear to you is we’re real. This magazine was brought to you by 20 Marlboro lights, multiple bottles of Sancerre, the Berlin underground, a maxed out FedEx account, and insomniain Barcelona. Our office literally looks like it’s been shelled. No lattes and moodboards round here, thank you very much. However, we have values (though some of which may be easily corrupted). We’re committed to bringing you the best stuff that we can. We won’t sugar-coat. We’ve been back to South Africa, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Berlin, Japan, New Zealand, Helsinki. Old Haunts. New Faces.

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