At Parigotte they believe in life changing experiences aligned with the body, mind and spirit. Positive change comes in harmony with the wisdom of Nature and through Plants. Their call is to return to simplicity, to reconnect with Nature.

Delicious, simple and sustainably sourced: Parigotte teas & herbals have no hidden ingredients, additives, "natural" flavourings or chemical fragrances. Since they only source high quality teas and herbals, there is no need to mask their taste with flavourings.

Parigotte is committed to ensuring that they take the steps needed to make their range as sustainable as possible. The jars are made of glass, the bags from cellulose (biodegradable and compostable ). They do not use any plastic for packaging or parcels.

Handcrafted with love in sunny Brighton, UK.

small batches

recycled silver

sustainable shells

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