HIMAYA has been created to develop performance skincare products that help protect the skin of active people who spend long periods in the sun. They are dedicated to producing functional sports sunscreens that withstand all adverse conditions of the sports environment so that the cream remains on the skin to provide the sun protection it needs.

HIMAYA formulas are the products of personal experience and extensive field testing. They develop and continue to refine their advanced range of performance sunscreens, working closely with a selection of formulation specialists and their team of seasoned sportspeople. The result is a high-performance skin protection range that meets and exceeds not just the strict industry requirements but, more importantly, the challenging and changing demands of outdoor sports conditions. The brand aims to provide you with the best protection for your skin whilst you enjoy your passion for the outdoors. At the same time, they want to protect the environment where you do these activities.

To protect you and your environment.

Himaya sports sunscreens:

Waterproof. Aqua-Fix. Sweatproof. Dry-Grip. Zinc. Long Lasting. Fortified UV A+B Filters. Moisturisers. Anti Oxidants. Vitamins E+C. No Alcohol. No Perfume.


Reef Friendly


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