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TCSS - Critical Change - A Recycled Yarn

January 13, 2020 2 min read

TCSS - Critical Change - A Recycled Yarn

The Critical Slide backyard is being progressively cleaned up, season on season.

The last few years has seen a lot of effort by apparel brands to reduce their overall footprint. It's a longtime coming.


TCSS swapped plastic poly-bags for corn-starch bags, they moved their wetsuits to a plant based Yulex, doing away with petro-chemicals. However Critical Slide feels the biggest move has been swapping all their t-shirts to recycled cotton jersey! Arguably the most environmentally sustainable jersey. There's the old adage, 'The best bits were left on the cutting room floor' and when it comes to producing t-shirts, that couldn't be more true! TCSS' cotton jersey is sourced from the off-cuts, the overages from factories all across the globe.

The jersey is then re-milled and turned into re-usable yarn. The yarn is then woven into jersey.

TCSS given that jersey, that would have once ended up on the scrap heap or as a bag'a'rags, a new lease on life!

'I was left hung out to dry. Shattered in pieces after being tossed away. And once again, I'm being left hung out to dry, but in a good way.' - Critical Slide

'I started at the bottom now I'm here, from trash to t-shirt.' - Critical Slide

'Stretched, pulled and re-milled into a whole new me.' - Critical Slide

'I love to feel the sand between my fibres, and the water through my seams, oh how life could have turned out so different.' - Critical Slide

'I could have come back as a dog, but a t-shirt is a man's true best friend' - Critical Slide

'Everyone deserves a second chance, even a t-shirt.' - Critical Slide

Photos by Jordan Malane


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