Keeping Up With Chippa Wilson

January 12, 2022 1 min read

Keeping Up With Chippa Wilson

Only a few line items that have been occupying Chippa Wilson’s daily planner for the better part of the past two years. Last we talked to Mr. Wilson, he was getting busy in Tasmania. And now that we’re entering year two of flight restrictions, select quarantines, and general nonsense-induced headaches, we thought we’d check in with our dear friend. See how the knee’s holding up. Talk covers he’s been scoring. Ask questions about his charmed existence in the personal slice of paradise he calls home.

Whether in Tokyo or NYC. Portugal, France, New South Wales, or beyond. We’ve had a whirlwind few years with Chippa on the road and we only hope to keep it up once this all blows over. But until then, we’ll clear 8,000 miles of distance through the modern marvel of FaceTime audio. Brew yourself another weekday tea and let it steep over the time it took you to read this intro then take a sip and enjoy reading what Chippa has to say on whatever glowing device is in front of you.

Read the full interview via Wasted Talent Mag

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