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Wasted Talent Magazine Vol i & Wasted Talent Tote Bag

Hi, we're new and it's nice to make your acquaintance.

Well, actually we've been around a bit. But more in the shadows. On the fringes. At the forefront, but thoroughly behind the scenes. It's been a little while coming.

112 pages of a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Encapsulated on 115gsm coated matt paper. It's been a hell of a ride getting this into your hands. There have been ups and downs. Crazy highs and manic lows.

From the damp fields of Ireland, to the dusty trails of Morocco. Red wine in Bordeaux and Absinthe in Barcelona. Driving across Spain with a van full of soft toys. It's been pretty fucking weird at times in all honesty - it's been real. We're a little rough around the edges, eyes a little bloodshot, some late nights, some early mornings but here we are.

Wasted Talent Volume 1

Featuring: Noa Deane, Ryan Burch, Paul Hart, Brendon Gibbens, Fries Taillieu, Clementine Creevy, Victor Pellegrin, Conor Maguire, Leo Valls, Ales Amor, Gearoid Mcdaid, William Aliotti, Alex Bothelo, Jack Whitefield and more...

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