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Wasted Talent "Dark Hollow" Photo Book


A premium, hardcover bookcelebrating Dion Agius’ new feature length film: DARK HOLLOW

Somewhere hidden along the cold, quiet and secluded east coast of Tasmania, lies Dark hollow. A small tannin stained creek surrounded by native bush land, slowly meandering its way towards the coast. This creek and the coastline with which it connects, on the beautiful island of Tasmania have become the basis of inspiration for this project.

The Book

The Dark Hollow book is a cumulative collection of still photography documenting the journey of Dark Hollow, featuring imagery from Tasmania, mainland Australia and Indonesia. In an increasingly digital world, a tangible, physical celebration of surfing.

Photography by Nick GreenJohn Respondek and Dion Agius. Featuring Dion Agius, Craig Anderson and Chippa Wilson.

We will be donating a % of profits from all book sales to the Bob Brown foundation.


Printed on FSC paper, in Spain. 296 pages, Hardcover Bound.

Limited to 1500 copies worldwide

More than 250 pages strong

Measurements:  31 cm x 23 cm


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