Wasted Talent Beach Bag - Black / Red / Blue

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It was last winter that we first stumbled upon Runihara and his merry band of Rwandan bag weavers in Cape Town. Having left Rwanda for search of better fortune, their use of old packing straps as the matieral for weaving sparked our attention. That and the speed in which they weaved. Such speedy weaving. And when Runihara told us he could customise the bags to say whatever we wanted and that his name means “one who smashes to bits” we just knew he would have to be one of our official suppliers. His message of sustainability and smashing things to bits was one we couldn’t resist championing. Pencils were sharpened, a deal was made and you can shop Runihara’s bag collection right here x 

Dimensions - 36cm x 32cm x 16cm

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