Wallien One Piece Swimsuit - Retro Monochrome

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These handmade swimsuits are designed in Amsterdam and sustainably made from recycled plastic bottles in Europe.

Wallien One Piece Swimsuit Description

The perfect one piece swimsuit for all your water adventures! It stays in place even after a crazy wipeout.Offering a bit more warmth and protection than your typical swimsuit but loads more style. Protects your skin from midday sun so you can stay on the water the whole day long.

Wallien One Piece Swimsuit Specifications

  • The outside fabric (made in Italy) is super flexible
  • Superstretch, Comfortable, Light and Flexible.
  • The inside front lining is soft to the skin and supports great breathability.


  • UV protection (UPF 50+)
  • Chest Zip
  • Soft to the skin and supports great breathability
  • Colour: Retro Monochrome

About Wallien

Wallien logo

The brand represents their love for water sports, the planet and design.

Their mission is to bring color, fun and personality to water sports while making sure to have a great future for our planet.

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