Respondek Photo Essay - Dion Agius

Coffee table surf photo books from renowned photographer John Respondek.

A note from the photographer:
During my charmed existence as a surf photographer, I have had the opportunity to work with a whole bunch of professional surfers. Over the years, I have become great friends with a few, such as Taj Burrow, Dion Agius, Craig Anderson, Chippa Wilson and pals.

These days I work and travel with these guys almost exclusively. In turn, my photo library of them is extensive, and although we have experienced a bunch of published success, in editorial exposure and advertising campaigns, there’s still so much imagery that deserves a chance to shine. It’s great to have the opportunity to catalogue these into a complete and tangible art piece for people to enjoy.

About Respondek

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John Respondek, known as “Sponnas” to his mates, is a renowned photographer specialising in capturing unique moments in the ocean and glimpses of the amazing lifestyle that goes with the territory.

At an early age John always enjoyed surfing and being in the ocean, and he later combined this with a passion for taking pics. John’s commitment to photography was cemented when he worked in labouring, saving all his pennies to procure professional camera equipment. Then he honed his skills shooting photos of local shredders, before quickly advancing into published content.

These days John spends most of his time enjoying the freedom of travelling and working with his best surf pals. Because for him, it’s just as much about the good times as it is about the photography. Let the good times roll.

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