Octopus Smot 86 Liters Super Massive Dry Tote Bag - Black

The Octopus SMOT is a super massive dry tote bag from Octopus!

The Octopus is real.

Octopus SMOT 86 L Massive Dry Tote Bag Description

The SMOT massive dry tote bag is a mega durable waterproof tote which holds wetsuits and beer...

SMOT 86 L Massive Dry Tote Bag Dimensions

  • Holds a lot of beers & wetsuits


  • Mega durable waterproof coated textile
  • 86 Liters
  • Sealded Front Stash Pocket
  • Sealed YKK Zip
  • Disaster resistant
  • Colour: Black

About Octopus

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