North Sea Chocolate Bar - Caramel Seaweed ( vegan )

Connor Klein, son of the Irish founder Carmel Klein-Kelly and nephew of co-founder Kees Klein and currently running the chocolate company is a big fan of the sea. If he is not working, he is out surfing. It was his dream to develop a bar that reflects his love for chocolate and the waves.That is when the idea was born for the North Sea Chocolate Bar. A vegan bar with 55% cacao, caramelized sugar and seaweed.Amy Klein, sister of Connor and also helping in De Bonte Koe shares his love for surfing. She surfed her first wave while living in Dakar, Senegal. By buying the North Sea Chocolate Bar you are donating 3 euro’s to the Surfkids Shredding Senegal Foundation. A foundation that helps children in Dakar with their educational and athletic development by riding waves.Allergy information
  • May contain traces of nuts
Product information
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Secure payment
  • Fair chocolate
  • 100% customer satisfaction
Eigenschappen van Caramel Seaweed (vegan)
  Weight 140 g   Dimensions 14 × 7 × 1.5 cm

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