Wasted Talent | Former 'Surveillance' Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Creme


Every Wasted Talent | Former colab order comes with a free newspaper and entered into a draw to win Dane's board.

Former x Wasted Talent


Both share prices soar as parties agree on merger and holdings structure. Markets rally in anticipation of formal announcement.

Former and Wasted Talent have joined forces in key markets including the United States, Europe and Japan on a unprecedented merger involving direct retail outlets, a collection and probably good vibes. Both Former and Wasted Talent’s shares soared to new highs driving a wider market recovery in the post Covid landscape based on pounding many beers both sides of the Atlantic.

With years of shared cultural values, and a rich history of being the ever underdogs, many analysts are wondering why the move wasn’t made sooner, whilst brokers struggle to buy in on a rocketing share price. With a global collection launch for this summer, as well as a pop up retail space in Hossegor and an annual global meeting for both parties planned for summer, the markets are in meltdown as to how deal with such an aggressive upward leap in earnings per share and value.

The common belief is that there is really is no limits to what both parties can achieve whilst half cut on Aperol Spritzs somewhere in Spain.

Former x Wasted Talent. Now available.

Wasted Talent | Former 'Surfveillance' LS T-Shirt Description

The Wasted Talent | Former 'Surveillance' LS T-Shirt in Black


  • 100% Cotton
  • 180GSM


  • Color: Creme


wasted talent former

Wasted Talent was born on a late summer’s evening in the South West of France. A conversation after the flowing of the vinos that habitually doth flow in this part of the world. A conversation born out of frustration of the lack of innovation in the surf and skate scenes across Europe. The need for a common space for brands and products that we believed in. Put simply, you need clothes and accessories you can wear from the beach to the bar and beyond and not look like a total kook in the process. Quite the opposite in fact. We made a magazine and a store and we hope you like it. Click for more Wasted Talent

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