Fernand Surfboards Mini Simmons 5'4 - Green / White


Inspired by the famous shape "Mini Simons", this Mini twin does not look like much - but is full of performance! Ideal for surfing in the small hollow waves this board is designed to go fast, while remaining very playful.

Fernand Surfboards Mini Simmons Description

Its absence of nose offers maneuverability and radicality in small conditions, thus giving you the possibility of surfing in the power generating part of the wave - the pocket. As the board is so short, from take-off your rear foot will be placed just above the two large thin keel placed at the edge of the tail which gives ypu immense control and speed due to it’s flat rocker

An almost nonexistent rocker, a very sleek and healthy gliding surface, with a simple deep concave on 3/4 of the board for a quick evacuation of fluids between the daggerboards and a speed increase from the moment you press your hands to tip into the face of the wave and put your feet down.

Rowing level, the length of the board is compensated by its width, distributed from the nose to the tail giving you very good flotation and an efficient oar.

You will understand that this board is Fun, easy to surf and easy to transport. Use it to surf your kids in the foam, then collect it to teach them the lesson on the wind, this is the kind of board we like to have on the sand for beach days.


  • 5’4 x 21 x 2 x 5/8
  • Mini Simmons shape
  • Twin Fin Glassed On

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