Db Journey Ænywear T-Shirt - Black Out


The Ænywear T-Shirt

The heavy fall and relaxed tailoring of this long-sleeved T-shirt is an elevation of easy fits. Welcome to comfortable clothing that doesn’t come at the expense of presentation.

Db Journey's Essential range comprises items we think will bring a sense of order, ease and comfort to both your day-to-day life and the one that takes you places. Our community is made up of wanderers, seekers and big thinkers - all on their own personal journeys. Sometimes these journeys take you across town at rush hour, to a looming peak at sunrise for first tracks or even the opposite hemisphere. Wherever you wander, no matter how long you’re gone for, we see it as our responsibility at Db to simplify your journey and help you feel at home, anywhere.

Features and Material

Heavyweight, 210GSM single jersey fabric
100% GOTS certified organic cotton
Oversized genderless fit

About DB Journey


Douchebags - Founded in 2012 by the Swedish freeskier Jon Olson and Norwegian product designer Truls Brataas, Douchbags’ gear is an attempt at « merging the urban and active lifestyle. » Their full product line-up includes numerous sizes of backpacks, luggage, roller bags, laptop cases, leather bags and many more. Click for more DB Journey

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