Carnival Photo Book by Oscar O'Shea

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Carnival Photo Book by Oscar O'Shea

Carnival by Oscar O’Shea

Carnival is a photo book by Melbourne based photographer and film maker, Oscar O’Shea.

The book is a result of a photo project Oscar took on at the end of 2019. He attended the Melbourne Cup Horse Races in efforts to create an exposé photo series on the people that attend the event as well as the environment it takes place in. Driven from a hatred of the shocking levels of animal cruelty and material excess that is associated with the event and carried out during it.

“I was very curious about what an event like this even looks like, especially through the lens. It was and still is, quite shocking, the whole experience didn’t feel real, a majority of the people who attend this event are from a place of privilege and showcase that very heavily. I find it sad and yet interesting that the people who are ablest to acquire a quality education and upbringing are able to become adults that lack such compassion and can live such a self important life. Putting meaningless drinking, parading and betting before the wellbeing of animals and the environment. This is white privilege at its worst.” - Oscar O’Shea
The project has formulated into a comprehensive and intimate portrayal of the event and the people who attend it. The book is called Carnivaland comprises of 96 pages of colour photographs that capture attendees of the event in an honest and un filtered way. Showing people who are obviously image conscious in a way they would not present that image normally.

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