Futures Pukas Fibreglass Twin Fins - Black / Clear

Introducing the groundbreaking collaboration between Futures Systems and Pukas—the first of its kind. This exceptional fin bears the signature of Pukas' esteemed Head Shaper, Axel Lorentz, and has been meticulously developed with the renowned Pukas Acid Plan and Pukas Lady Twin surfboards in mind.

Designed as an upright twin configuration, this template represents the pinnacle of fin design by the industry-leading Futures Systems. Constructed with top-quality fiberglass, these fins effortlessly meet and exceed all expectations. Prepare to be amazed by their incredible speed, tight pivots, and proven maneuverability, all while boasting a visually stunning aesthetic.

To complete your board with a perfectly matched fin, you have the choice between two exceptional options: the Twin set or the Twin + 1 set. Select the setup that suits your surfing style and preferences, and experience the optimal performance and balance it brings to your ride.

Don't miss out on this unprecedented collaboration between Futures Systems and Pukas. Elevate your surfing experience with these extraordinary fins, specifically crafted to take your performance to new heights.

  • Name: The Pukas Twin Fin set
  • Size: X Large Base 4.60 Depth 5.14 Area 19.76
  • Construction: Fibreglass
  • Colour: Black/Clear
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