Captain Fin Co. Chippa 2+1 Future Fins - Orange

Introducing the Chippa Wilson + Neal Purchase Jr. Twin ESP fin, an extraordinary addition to the renowned Captain Fin Co. La Especial Collection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this fin combines exceptional performance with a visually captivating design.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Color, Solid Fiberglass Layup: The Twin ESP fin boasts a stunning multi-color design that adds a vibrant touch to your surfboard. Constructed with a solid fiberglass layup, it ensures remarkable strength and durability, guaranteeing longevity even in demanding surfing conditions.

  2. Developed by Neal Purchase Jr. and Colored Up by Chippa Wilson: The collaboration between Neal Purchase Jr., a master in fin design, and Chippa Wilson, an acclaimed surfer with an artistic eye, brings forth this exceptional template. The fusion of expertise and creativity results in a fin that excels in both form and function.

  3. Large Twin Fin with Upright Template: Featuring a large twin fin setup with an upright template, this fin offers outstanding maneuverability. It enables quick and responsive turns, allowing you to unleash your creativity and surf with agility and precision.

  4. Bonus Trailer Fin for Stability and Drive: Enhancing stability and drive, the Chippa Wilson + Neal Purchase Jr. Twin ESP fin includes a bonus trailer fin. This addition further optimizes your surfing experience, providing additional control and performance in various wave conditions.

Experience the pinnacle of style and performance with the Chippa Wilson + Neal Purchase Jr. Twin ESP fin from the Captain Fin Co. La Especial Collection. Designed to elevate your surfing prowess, this fin combines innovation, durability, and aesthetics, empowering you to take your surfing to new heights.

Template: Pivotspeedy modern twin ripping with plenty of hold.

Construction: Fiberglass

Flex: Stiff

Compatibility: Futures



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