Club Sandwich Arctic Roses Limited Edition Photo Book by Matt Georges

22 x 26 cm / 216 pages Hardcover coffee table book Photography & design by Matt GEORGES

Offset printing on FSC 170g Arctic paper Embossed cover Also available as a limited edition of 50, accompanied by 4 signed prints

— Embark on an Arctic adventure, chasing waves and powder with legendary riders such as Arthur Longo, Bryan Iguchi, Wolle Nyvelt, Sevi Van Der Meer, Enni Rukajärvi, Alek Östreng, Nils Arvidsson...

Few places on Earth offer both exceptional snowboarding terrain and incredible surf, but the Norwegian coastline is one of them. The Arctic region represented the ultimate frontier—a perfect playground where the worlds of snowboarding and surfing merge. In our pursuit of the metaphorical "Arctic Roses," symbolizing the quest for optimal snow and waves, we sought to emphasize the profound connection we share with the elements, whether on mountains or in the ocean. By combining splitboard adventures with cold-water surfing, our team ventured beyond their comfort zones. The exceptional surroundings and the remarkable crew, including legends like Bryan Iguchi and Wolle Nyvelt, as well as rising stars Sevi Van Der Meer and Arthur Longo, made every moment worthwhile. The landscapes offered by the majestic Norwegian coastline were truly epic. With mountains plunging directly into the sea, it was an ideal backdrop to showcase the interplay between snowboarding and surfing, as well as the versatility of our team riders. Starting their journey in the Lofoten Islands, moving on to the Lyngen Alps, and concluding with the annual bank slalom in Riksgrensen, the team had the privilege of riding the quarterpipe beneath the midnight sun—an unforgettable experience that added the perfect finishing touch to their Arctic adventure.

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