Adelio Myer Black Vest / Feature Stripe Wetsuit Top

Size Guide
Adelio Wetsuit Tops Size Guide
Chest Width (cm) 41 43 45 47 49
Waist Width (cm) 34 36 38.5 41 43
Body Length (cm) 52 53 54.5 56 57.5
Weight (kg) 48-60 55-70 70-85 78-95 95+
Height (cm) 163-178 165-178 173-183 175-188 178-193
Black / White

The Adelio Myer 1.5mm wetsuit top can be worn with boardshorts for summer surfing.

Adelio Myer 1.5mm Wetsuit Top Description

1.5mm stretch neoprene gives you the warmth and flexibility you need for long summer sessions.

Adelio 1.5mm Wetsuit Top Specifications

  • 1.5mm duraflex stretch neoprene


  • 1.5mm duraflex stretch neoprene
  • Pull over design
  • YKK quarter back zipper
  • Feature Stripe
  • 1 year warranty on seams and stitching

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